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Multiplayer Momentum Multiplayer Momentum

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Great game, check answers

Neat concept, but I stopped playing when you listed Nineteenth century as an incorrect answer for the date of the civil war.
The 1800s is the nineteenth century. 0-99 AD is the first century, we are now in the twenty first.

Sift Heads 3 Sift Heads 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars

For being a demo.

Label it for what it is. Notice how nearly every review you get reflects some degree of frustration toward the fact that this is only a demo version of your game. Why would we want to -Surprise!- replay the first level? It makes absolutely no sense. Either link the full version here, or let us know exactly what this version is: A DEMO.

Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2 Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The fact that someone would put this amount of work into a flash RPG is just amazing. The dialogue is ingenious and you do a great job of making the characters very real.

Can't wait for Chapter 3!

As far as the combat goes, I personally think it's a lot more efficient, seeing as how you no longer are required to use the mouse (that annoyed me a lot in case you didn't see my review of the part 1). However, I think your first boss may be a little more challenging than intended? I didn't go to town for items before I fought him, but he put my entire party to sleep and killed them one by one. So there wasn't much I could do about that.
Seeing as how this is an RPG, perhaps
1- Make sure the player customizes their characters' armor/weapons a little more thouroughly before encountering bosses as challenging as this one
2- Scale down the power of the boss - he killed one of my characters in just one attack. (I think he was missing 3 or 4 HP from max?)

Other than that, I love the character development and, as always, the chit-chatting between them. Always entertaining!

Also, just out of curiousity, is there any possibility that once you finish this series you'll combine the games into one? It'd be neat to be able to play the entire group as one game.

And for the "critic" below me:

Any SERIOUS review will include couple of things:
1) More in-depth analysis of what is wrong/right with the game
2) A reasonable rating (there is absolutely no reason this game should ever get a 1. The rating of '1' should be reserved only for games/movies which your review took longer to make than the media you're reviewing. The very LEAST you could do is take a moment to decide what number would -actually- fit the game you're reviewing in your opinion, rather than bomb the ratings with a -1-.
3)Suggestions/Ideas on ways to improve the game.

I commend the Author for tearing your review apart, because the exact same disposition you exhibit toward writing reviews pisses me off as well.

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Mardek Rpg: Chapter 1 Mardek Rpg: Chapter 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that you have to use your mouse.

Other than that, it was great! I was dissapointed after it ended surprisingly, which means - MOAR NOW!
I caught myself laughing a few times at the dialogue with villagers, and even the overly generic dialogue in the hero adventure. You capture the atmosphere of a "pretend" adventure really well in the beginning!

All in all, great story and dialogue, and though the combat was lacking, that's not the element that drives this game.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great, innovative!

And a great sense of humor. 10/10!